EP #64: How I Finally Became a Full-time Artist, Interview with Elaine Hoffman

This week’s Getting Real with Women in the Middle interview features Elaine Hoffman, someone who left a full-time institutional art environment to pursue making her own art full-time. It took several years to make the decision, but now that she’s on the other side of it, she’s thrilled she took the leap.

Elaine had a pretty traditional life. She had a job and raised her family. In order to do all of this, she sacrificed some things that were important to her too, which is no surprise to women in the middle! One of those things was making her own art. She was an artist, of course, but during those years, it wasn’t anything she spent a lot of time on. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-64-how-i-finally-became-a-full-time-artist-interview-with-elaine-hoffman/