EP #54: When your Relationship with your Mom is Difficult, Interview with Karen C.L. Anderson.

This week’s episode features an interview with Karen C.L. Anderson, someone who is an expert at creating inspiration and advice for difficult mother/daughter relationships.

It’s another interview in my series called Weekly Wow. Weekly Wow introduces you to amazing women who have something relevant to share with women in the middle.

Specifically, today’s episode introduces you to Karen C.L. Anderson, who is a Master Certified Life Coach (certified at The Life Coach School) and also the author of the book, The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide to Separating from a Difficult Mother, which, by the way, is an international bestseller, and has sold over 130,000 copies (no longer available). Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-54-when-your-relationship-with-your-mom-is-difficult-interview-with-karen-c-l-anderson/