EP #37: Interview with Jennifer Thornton, Clifton Strengths Coach – The Importance of Knowing Your Strengths

This week’s episode is all about the importance of identifying your strengths in midlife. Essentially, what makes you tick and how to identify what you’re great at. I bet that’s something you might want to know more about! Today we’re talking about all of it.

This is another episode in the Weekly Wow with Women in the Middle Series, which introduces you to real life women in the middle who have some pretty cool and highly useful information to share with you. That’s how I feel about this strengths work.  

My goal for Weekly Wow is to bring you topics that will literally make you say, WOW! I’m glad we’re talking about this!

This week, meet Jennifer Thornton, a Certified Clifton Strengths Coach, who first discovered strengths work in her own career, and then saw such powerful results, she decided to help other people the same way. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-37-interview-with-jennifer-thornton-clifton-strengths-coach-the-importance-of-knowing-your-strengths/

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