EP #165: The Urge to Compare and Despair in Midlife

Do you “compare and despair?” It can become quite a habit in midlife that doesn’t feel good yet it can feel like quite an urge.

The tendency to engage in comparing yourself to others and then experiencing negative emotion, like despair, envy, insecurity, anger, sadness, etc. can become an unintentional habit.

Like other habits, increased awareness of your thinking can help to break the pattern. However, there’s much to be learned from the experience. For example, your feelings of envy can be quite instructional in terms of your true desires. Likewise, understanding who you’re comparing yourself to and why can also provide insights into what is going on in your mind.

In the end, most would agree that shifting your energy more toward appreciation and gratitude for your improved thought awareness skills and commitment to mindfulness practice with get you farther ahead on the road to becoming the woman you want to be, living midlife on purpose!

Enjoy this episode! 

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