Why style matters with Master Coach Judith Gaton

Is your current style working for you as a curvy woman or is there a missing part of the puzzle? 

In this episode, we speak with Judith Gaton, a personal stylist, and certified life coach. She helps curvy women love and dress the body they’re in. She believes that women should be confident in all aspects of their lives and show up looking the part. 

Judith describes how you can create a getting-ready plan concentrated only on you and how you want to feel. 

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

·       How to transform your style by looking around and being honest about what’s not working.

·       Stop ignoring what’s not working for you to start inviting what you want.

·       Conduct a time audit and create a getting-ready plan that’s concentrated on you. 

·       Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of dressing appealing and attracting the human gaze. 

·       The age-appropriate dressing myth and the disservice it does to us. 

·       Why you shouldn’t compare yourself because even who you think is perfect is only human. 

·       You have the authority to take the good parts of information that makes you feel good. 

·       Judith’s experience with both American and European fashion.

Relevant Links:

·       Website: https://www.judithgaton.com/  

·       Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judithgaton/ 

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