Understanding Hunger

Keri and Dr. Matthea

Understanding Physical and Emotional Hunger

When you’re hungry, have you stopped to understand whether it’s physical or emotional hunger that you’re experiencing? We often mistake our emotional hunger with physical hunger and feed our bodies when we don’t necessarily need to be eating.

In this episode, we talk about physical and emotional hunger and how to understand each better, to achieve your weight loss goals. Listen in to learn ways you can adopt to stop struggling with food and instead only eat when hungry.

What You Will Learn:

·        Understanding physical hunger and how to honor it.

·        How we use food to satisfy emotional hunger, which is something it can’t fulfill.

·        How to rethink hunger by understanding what’s causing another need other than physical hunger.

·        How to adopt a philosophy of seeing hunger as not a struggle.


“Emotional hunger is when you’re asking food to do something that food can’t provide for you.” [4:16]


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