Making weight loss easy: 15 ways to get started today

Keri and Dr. Matthea at The WLCC

If you are feeling stuck and like it’s too hard to do weight loss and all the other things you’re responsible for in life, then this week’s episode is for you. Tune in as Keri shares 15 easy strategies that will get you started on your journey to lifelong weight loss. Choose just one, practice it for a few weeks then add in another one! 

  1. Leave one bite on your plate at each meal. 
  2. Eat the healthiest food options on your plate first. 
  3. Balance out sweets and carbs with protein and healthy fats. 
  4. Focus on consistently improving just one of your daily meals (e.g. breakfast).
  5. Commit to just taking your measurements regularly: weighing yourself, taking your measurements, or assessing your dress size.
  6. Crowd out the less healthy food choices – fill up on the greens, veggies, healthy fats, and proteins.
  7. Freeze your leftovers and watch just how much accumulates.
  8. Commit to 5 more minutes of movement every day. 
  9. Commit to doing just one thing every day that makes you look and feel great. 
  10. Eat an extra portion of veggies every day. 
  11. Pause halfway through your meal and let your food settle for 10 minutes, then return and eat if you are genuinely hungry. 
  12. Substitute and incrementally upgrade the quality of your snacks. EG milk chocolate > dark chocolate > raw chocolate > cacao and almond balls > apple and nuts > managing the urge without eating. 
  13. Give yourself permission to eat the foods you crave. 
  14. Declutter a small space every day (especially the kitchen)! 
  15. Pause – put some space between a food craving and eating. 

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