How to stop over eating

Keri and Dr. Matthea

How to Stop Overeating and Only Eat When You’re Hungry 

Do you normally eat when you’re hungry and when do you know when you’ve had enough food? Food indeed makes us feel good, which makes it easy to overeat or to jump on a plate of leftovers in the morning even when we’re not hungry. But did you know you can change all that? Yes, you can practice to only eat when you’re hungry and stop at enough. 

In this episode, we talk about the conscious process of learning how to stop overeating and to eat when you’re hungry to create sustainable weight loss. Listen in to learn how to look at this process with curiosity and passion since it’s a practice and each day looks different. 

What You Will Learn:

·        Learn to listen to your body to only eat when you’re hungry.

·        Understanding the signs of knowing when you’ve had enough food.

·        How to experiment by cutting back what you normally eat, to practice how to eat enough.

·        Catch the problem thoughts and believes through journaling.

·        How to program your mind to think of a good story around not overeating. 

·        How to learn from your overeats as they’re part of the weight loss process. 


·        “You start to feel good to only eat when your body is getting just what it needs.” [12:49]

·        “Overeats are part of the weight loss process.” [12:23]


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