Decreasing Nighttime Stress Eating

Keri and Dr. Matthea at The WLCC

Join coach Dr.Matthea as she talks today about nighttime stress eating and how to overcome it. First, she talks about how to actually meet yourself where you are at. To make the initial steps realistic. And next how to actually get what you need, not the food.

She talks about breaking the stress cycle at the end of the day! Here are notes from the book Burnout The Secret to Unlocking The Stress Cycle to read more. 

7 things that can complete the stress cycle:
1) Exercise- ex. dance, or tense up muscle for a few seconds , ANY movement of any kind
2) Breathing- deep breath in and out, down regulates nervous system 
3) Positive social interaction- natural inclination to connect with others tells our body we are safe 
4) Laughter- belly laughter that takes over your body! 
5) Affection- for example a 20 second hug (hugging until relaxed)
6) Crying 
7) Creative expression ("Take your broken heart and make it into art" -Fisher)

Just a few natural pleasures to enjoy: nature, hygiene, physical activity, human connection- relationships and intimate, accomplishments- what else can you think of?

Journaling/end of day prompts for stress eating:
1) What do I really need right now
2) What would be the best choice in this moment?
3) What decision right now would I be proud of tomorrow morning?

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