Coffee and Coaches’ Chat Part 1

Keri and Dr. Matthea

In this episode, we have a fun and exciting Coffee and Coaches’ chat where we answer some of your questions about our program. We also describe how our eating habits look like and how they have evolved according to the season we’re in.

Listen in to learn why exercise is not a crucial part of your weight loss journey, especially at the very beginning of your journey.

What You Will Learn:

·        Why our program doesn’t specify any type of diet but rather helps people find a way of eating for themselves.

·        Learning how to develop tools that work for you in any situation.

·        What our eating habits look like and how they’ve evolved over time.

·        Why exercise plays no part in our program at the initial stage.

·        How our program challenges traditional health and fitness beliefs to make weight loss a simple and exciting journey.


·        “What works for one individual doesn’t necessarily work for another.” [7:55]

·        “You can 100% lose weight with no exercise.” [18:14]


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