Choosing a plan for long term weight loss

Rachele, Keri and Matthea

Have you been trying all the diets but not found the one that works for you yet? 

Many of us have been looking for the answers outside of ourselves – so we try diets like keto, Atkins or paleo. The problem is when things seem to stop working and it's not our own plan it's harder to tweak to make it work for in our individual life.

In this episode you'll learn about:

  • how to create an action plan for long term weight loss without counting calories, weighing or analysing macros
  • how to eat to balance your hunger hormones to supercharge weight loss
  • the role of hormones in weight loss: insulin, ghrelin and leptin
  • the benefits of eating unprocessed natural state foods
  • how balancing your hormones also balances your hunger signals and the food chatter in your brain

Quote [12:14]: "anything you do can work, you're going to have to figure out how it works for you"


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