84 – Keys to ensure you reach your goals this time

Claire Cleary & Michelle Vasquez

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll achieve the same results. We, as humans, are used to looking to the past for evidence that we can achieve results. Or, we keep looking for something external to help us stay more motivated or convinced enough that this time we will achieve what we want once and for all. But how would your actions and beliefs change today if you knew that you had achieved your results? The answer is simple; you have to develop your brain so it can become solutions-oriented. So you can learn the skills of problem-solving so you can keep moving forward. If this is an area where you would like some help, we can show you how to keep taking action from your future self to help you stay committed to your 2023 goals. Click on the links below to schedule a call to find out more about our 1: 1 coaching programs, go to: www.claireclearycoaching.com/book-online www.michellevasquezcoaching.com/schedule-today We look forward to connecting with you! . And, if you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot, share it on IG & tag us @claire_cleary & @michelle_utimate_goal_coach . . . . . . Music: Higher Up by Shane Ivers – www.silvermansound.com