Who You Were Born To Become

Jessica Smarro

This episode was inspired by a Matt Kahn quote "In order to be who I was born to become, life couldn't have happened any other way."

There is an opportunity to squeeze learning, growth, awareness, and meaning out of all of life's experiences.  This gets missed when we are busy making ourselves, others, and events "wrong."

Tune in for reflections on how to reframe the story in a way that serves you and supports who you were here to be.

As you listen, there is a good chance you will get hit in ALL of your feels.  That means something is telling you that it is time to repurpose your life experiences to cultivate who you are here to be.  Do yourself a favor.   Go to jessicasmarro.com right now to set up your free consult call.  Let today be the start of the journey where you embrace who you are here to be.

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