Ep. 53: The Secret Language of Manifestation #3

Kathrine Weissner

OK, OK, OK…I hear you – you have started to see some results in your manifesting evidence journal – it's happening!!! Congratulations!!! Starting to feel SOLID in the belief & power to create you own results (aka manifesting) – then listen up for this last secret!!! Isn't this FUN!!!

Yes – you all know I love manifestation – which is just a woo word for getting results & sh*t done with ease & grace. I've been documenting my manifestation tests and have found 3 secrets that I think will help you bring your manifestation practice to the next level. 

Don't walk – don't run – but get ready to sink into your desires as this episode expands & opens you for next level manifestations. 

On this episode you will learn: 

  • A deep dive into Secret #3
  • A practice to help you align Secret #3

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