Ep #19: Avoiding Trigger Foods

If you are a binge eater, there are probably foods you do your best to avoid. They’re ones you binge on the most or have binged on in the past and you’re afraid that if you see them, hear about them, or look at pictures of them then you’ll be triggered to binge. So, you may go to great extents to not be exposed to them in any way.


But here’s the thing, avoiding and fearing these foods is not a fun way to live. It’s also not going to help you learn to be around them, which isn’t that what you ultimately want? To not fear any foods and be able to be around anything without it resulting in a binge? I think so, and that’s why I’m talking about the importance of not avoiding your binge foods anymore and how to start learning to be around them. It’s time to stop running away and start building trust in your ability to exist together in this world with these foods.


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