My Advanced Launch Planning Process (That Works!)

Andrea Nordling

Warning: The advanced launch strategy in this episode is NOT for use in the beginning stages of selling in your business. Doing a formal "launch" this way is best suited for an offer you've already sold at least $30K+.

With that being said, if you HAVE successfully sold your offer and are ready to generate massive, consistent demand for it through dedicated promotion periods, aka launches, you are in the right place.

What you're about to learn on this episode is the exact strategy I've implemented over the last two years to go from not selling anything during my last-minute launches that totally flopped to consistently generating over $100K+ per launch without burning myself out at all.

In fact, launch weeks are now the most relaxed weeks in my business because of the process that I'm sharing on this episode. 

If you currently dread launches because they suck your energy dry and leave you feeling like you need a vacation afterwards, let's dive in and solve that right now.

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