Hiring Your First VA Or Contractor w/ Raven Wilson

Andrea Nordling

Today on The Profitable Nutritionist™ Podcast, Andrea is giving a really valuable "behind the scenes" interview with Team Build A Profitable Practice's own Operations Manager extraordinaire, Raven Wilson.


Raven and Andrea unpacked several important considerations for making the best hires in your business, including:

  • How to hire no-risk contractors
  • What to delegate first
  • When do you know you're "ready" to bring on help
  • How to know if you should be looking for project-based help or monthly ongoing
  • What to do if things aren't working with your hire(s)


Raven has extensive experience not only as an online business manager and virtual assistant, but also in training other VA's, so her insights and tips are invaluable.


Even if you're not at a point in your business where you're considering outsourcing anything, this is going to be a really valuable episode because it will undoubtedly get your wheels turning on what is possible in the near future.



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About Andrea Nordling:
Andrea started as an entrepreneur almost 20 years ago and has since launched and grown 3 successful businesses to six and seven figures from scratch.
And guess what? The two most lucrative of those three businesses have been built without social media. It's her not-so-secret sauce.
These days, Andrea gets to show fellow holistic nutritionists and health coaches how to ALSO build a profitable, impactful online practice and make consistent income every month in their biz without relying on social media.
That way, they won't lose any traction if (when) those platforms shut down their account or they lose their followers overnight.
And yes, she practices what she preaches: When she deleted all her social media profiles and business pages, her business grew exponentially. (Currently $1M+/year)
And yours can, too!

Full Show Notes & Transcription:

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