Expectations vs. Reality

Andrea Nordling

You need to EXPECT that there is going to be a learning curve for doing anything new, especially in your business.

Nothing has gone wrong when it isn't easy right away.

That is reality.

The REALITY of being the boss, and working with clients, and growing your practice is that it's not going to be comfortable a majority of the time.

In fact, it feels like crap a whole lot to take risks and be the boss.

No one tells you this. Especially business coaches. It's like there's an unspoken agreement in the business universe that if you do things "right" it isn't really that hard and you don't have to struggle.

And that's a lie.

Ask any successful business owner and they will tell you that there is always struggle and it's totally worth it.

Let's get into it and talk more about what some of those common expectations are and then, of course, what the actual reality is so you can avoid feeling disappointed when you find yourself smack dab in the middle of reality, too.

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