I presented a challenge to my November Group Coaching Cohorts to post something in the group that was a brag, and not a humble brag, they were to boldly declare the amazing work that they were doing out in the world. I also asked them to post something that they felt very fearful about. 

Some people understood the assignment and some people didn’t. 

With business pivots come some moments of anxiety, fear and a necessity to take a risk. At the root of pivoting is our mindset. We must start to normalize the amazing stuff we do out in the world and it starts with us talking about it more.

It’s normal to feel anxiety when trying something new. The important thing is not to let that fear paralyze us or hold us back from achieving our goals. 

Listen in as I discuss the importance of expanding your capacity to feel danger in the form of fear, anxiety and discomfort so that you can accomplish your ultimate goal..

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