How To Have A Great Day In Vet Med

Having a great day in vet med does not require smooth sailing.

It doesn't require clients to be nice, or coworkers to be productive. It doesn't even require you to get your lunch, or leave on time. 

What keeps most of us from experiencing a great day is the focus we keep giving to the circumstances that are less than ideal…

Entitled clients

Managers who don't care

Lunches missed

And then we compound the negative impact by believing those things must change before having a great day is possible.

The truth is, focusing on the negative creates very real, and detrimental, results:

  1. It erodes relationships
  2. It destroys our emotional wellbeing
  3. It blocks possibility and potential

Thankfully, the solution is completely within your control… allowing you to flip a pattern of bad days into a new habit of great ones all on your own.

In this episode, I explain exactly how to do it, and why you must begin if you want to create a higher quality life experience for yourself. 


Vet Life Academy


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Music Credit: Music by Lesfm from Pixabay

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