Welcome to Roevember

Laura Kelley, Esq.

Dear Colleagues:

Some of you political junkies out there reading this might be a little bleary-eyed having stayed up late to watch the midterm election results come in. 

You may also have been clutching some cushions fearing the worst in terms of a crushing Republican red wave. But at time of writing it hasn’t happened. Everything is still up for grabs, when it shouldn’t be after nearly a billion dollars was poured into Republican campaigns. 

Today’s episode of the The Joyful Attorney Podcast is a little different. It’s off-the-cuff, from the heart and recorded when we still don’t know the full story of Tuesday night. To be honest, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, to borrow a wonderful English expression. 

But it’s about keeping a mindset of hope, positivity and abundance when everything looks doomed. It’s also a reflection on how politics is always personal. The two cannot be disconnected.  

Working on our mindsets is the core of Joyful on Demand, my unique, group-coaching program for legal professionals. Not to mention access to free classes such as the one on Mindful Communication for Lawyers I am doing today, oh, and a book club. Everyone loves a book club. 


For now, stay hopeful and stay joyful.