Our 100th Episode Special!

Laura Kelley, Esq.

Dear Colleagues:

Just under two years ago, I kicked off The Joyful Attorney Podcast with a mission statement: to bring joy, harmony and balance to the wonderful listeners with insightful mindset learnings and quite a lot of oversharing, as it turns out.

Unlike 44% of all podcasts that are launched, I made it past three episodes. Indeed, according to Amplifi and Podnews there are only 760,000 that go past the 10-shows mark. And only 156,000 of those go out on a weekly basis. 

The Joyful Attorney Podcast ticks all those boxes with episode number 100 dropping today.. To celebrate this special occasion, I have tried to condense a century of top tips to transform your personal and professional life into under ten minutes. Even less if you speed me up and make me sound like I'm inhaling helium.

At this point, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone out there who has been listening, to give me the encouragement to make it to 200 episodes… some time in spring 2025.

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