What Happens to a Couple When Relocating? Addressing the "Invisible Changes” with Karina Lagarrigue

Regardless of whether you’ve moved several times or this is your first move as a couple, there are invisible changes that happen to both partners during transition.  My guest, Karina Lagarrige—an international psychologist who specializes in expat couples—discusses what these changes are and how to deal with them in a way that brings you closer, not farther apart as a couple.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What are some of the “invisible changes” couples experience when moving?
  • Why do they experience these?
  • What issues do these “invisible changes” create for the couple?
  • The difference between overcoming and addressing an issue
  • When it’s time to deal with an issue and when it’s time just to get by
  • What an emergency kit might look like for a couple who is struggling with a move.

Links Referred to in the Podcast:  

Link for Expat Couple’s Summit

Link to participate in Expat Mom Research for Karina Lagarrigue
Karina is an international psychologist doing research on personality and adjustment to expat motherhood.   If you are willing to participate, please click the link below.   

If you are not an expat but want to contribute to enlarging the literature on how personality, social support, coping mechanisms, etc. modulate the experience of becoming a mother, please fill in this form and be part of my control group!


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