Midlife Transition #1: Am I Having a Midlife Crisis?

Jennie Linton

One of the questions I get frequently is, “Am I having a mid-life crisis?”  The way a mid-life crisis is portrayed in the media often does us a disfavor.  We assume it looks like buying a Porche or quitting your job to travel the world alone.  The truth is that mid-life is the intersection of some important shifts intellectually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  These changes often cause us to reflect on our lives, to re-evaluate ourselves and our relationships, and sometimes compel us to make changes.  This is normal.  It’s part of the human experience, and it’s a powerful opportunity for growth.  This episode is part of a series on mid-life transition.  In this episode we’ll break down what a mid-life crisis is, what triggers them, how you know if you are having one, and what the stages of one are.  If you are human and you’re younger than 65, you won’t want to miss this one.  🙂

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