Household Helpers Abroad: The Amazing, The Hard, & Navigating It All

Jennie Linton

One of the blessings of living in a developing country as an expat, can be having a household helper.   It can be a wonderful way to learn about the host culture, and language, as well as have assistance figuring out new things like bleaching fruits and veggies, figuring out how to get around, paying your bills, and more.  And then, there is the incredible blessing of having help around the house and with child care.   It's great to be able to contribute to the local economy in a positive way.  We have been SO thankful for the wonderful helpers that have blessed our family. 

However, employing someone in your home also comes with some challenges, and it can lead to frustration and difficulty.  I have certainly made lots of mistakes over the years.  This is a conversation with a fellow veteran expat, Angi Solley.  We discuss some of our takeaways about navigating having a household helper. 

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