Ep. 60 – White After Labor Day

Judith Gaton

On this week’s episode of The New Glam Gal Podcast, we are talking about a common quoted fashion rule “No White After Labor Day.” I love fashion history and arbitrary fashion rules.

You always get to decide whether or not to follow a fashion rule. But you must always remember, they are made up. A human or group of humans got together to make a rule about piles of fabric that are attached to other piles of fabric. You always get to decide whether you want to follow that rule, trend, and/or style. You get to decide whether you want to “break the rules.” You always have a choice. If you decide to play along, check your reasons. Are you trying to keep up with the insta-Joneses? Or do you simply wish to keep your white shoes clean? (Tee-hee)

Stay tuned as we discuss:
1. The history of the No White After Labor Day Rule
2. The mythos surrounding the history of the rule
3. You always get to choose whether to follow or break style rules.


Music by www.bensound.com