Ep.21 – Meet Tallulah

Judith Gaton

In this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast, we discuss:,

-Brain Science and Style Ruts

-Meet Tallulah, your own internal mean girl critic

-How we get into the habit of thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same way, and doing the same things until our entire life starts to look like a picture

-How to take back control of the automated decisions we make every day and start being deliberate with our thoughts, feelings, and actions

-How we can choose to take our life off auto pilot at any time

Your Glam Gal Mission is:

  1. Ask yourself “Do I like this outfit?”
  2. Ask yourself “Do I want to look like picture?”
  3. Journal your thoughts and feelings
  4. Take note of the actions you have on automatic pilot

If you need help breaking free from autopilot and want to take back control from your inner Tallulah, then sign up for a free style session and tune into this week’s podcast episode!

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