What’s Taboo About This Work + How You or Your Kids As 5th Graders Can Help

There’s not ONE human on this planet who has escaped some level of trauma and shame. Trauma and shame keep us small, scared, and filled with insecurities, and self doubt.Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, crime, a relationship breakup, death, or living through a natural disaster.  The shamed person doesn’t trust themselves, is always trying to fix themselves, and doesn’t know how to protect themselves from emotional harm.  And want to know part of why you’re feeling burnt out? Yup shame and trauma.Trauma increases shame, and shame increases trauma.Yet most of us would rather not talk about either of these topics. They’re taboo. 


Why would we not want to talk about something that everyone experiences?Why would we not want to talk about what  keeps each of us to varying degrees feeling scared, living small lives, and not enjoying our current life. So many of us wish we were someone else with their better life?!  

Here’s why.

Because talking about shame and trauma leaves us feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. We fear our feelings. As a shame researcher, Brene Brown started the conversation about shame in 2014 with her Ted Talk, “Listening to Shame”. Thank you Brene!I invite you to start a movement and change the collective narrative around shame and trauma.Embrace the discomfort of being vulnerable, and start talking about shame and trauma.  We ALL experience it. It’s a part of the human experience. You are not alone in this one.  Be brave and talk to 5 people this week about their experiences. Be kind and loving with yourself and each other as you each share. 

You’ll feel more amazing love and connection in your life when you do this. 

Let’s destigmatize  this sh*t we carry around daily like a heavy backpack on our backs, weighing us down, keeping work and our lives feeling hard.  

This week I’m offering you a brand new way to start meeting the parts of you that experience trauma and shame so you can see, love, and accept all of your amazing self. 

Seeing your own magnificence will help you trust your dreams and desires for your career, and build a big juicy life you’re passionately in love with.