Ep 124: $1.1M in 4 Days/Week

In 2021 I set goals for myself that were truly impossible for me. They were larger than I had EVER imagined and required me to completely change who I was to create them.
This week Iʻm walking you through what those goals were, how I approached creating them, and the obstacles I faced in the process.

It wasnʻt all roses and sunshine, but the result was a 72% increase in revenue and a 20% decrease in hours worked.

Iʻm also going over why so many of us are hesitant to create these goals for ourselves, beliefs that weʻve been socialized to believe, and the cost of not going after your big, dreamy goals. At the end of this episode youʻll have everything you need to take the first steps in blowing your own mind by the time December 2023 rolls around. 

You got this, rockstar.