Episode #182–Q&A

This episode is a Q&A. I get many questions from listeners each week. If you have them, make sure you send them to me at delane@delanemd.com. This episode answers a few of the most recent questions I have received. I review why your fasting blood sugars will always be your HIGHEST blood sugar when you are type 2 diabetic. I talk about what does it mean to have hypoglycemia or low blood sugars. I answer the most common questions I get about artificial sweeteners and type 2 diabetes. Lastly, I answer how to questions like “how many carbs per day?” and “should I count my calories?” Check it out, let me know what you think! Episode links as promised during this episode: Fasting Blood Sugars Microbiome How do I know when I have reversed my diabetes If you’d like to contact me or start working the DelaneMD program, you can find more information at www.delanemd.com!