Women in White Coats

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Ep #125: A Qualitative Perspective on Physician Suicide with Dr. Pamela Wible

Physician suicide is no easy topic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t talk about it. Dr. Pamela Wible has examined over 2,000 physician suicide cases and collected data that is more than just statistics. In this episode, Dr. Archana Shrestha interviews Dr. Wible about her observations over the

Ep #120: Birthing Babies and a Blog with Drs. Amber Robins and Archana Shrestha

Let’s talk about babies! In this Co-Founders Conversation, Drs. Amber Robins and Archana Shrestha talk about their babies- from actual children to some of their favorite Women in White Coats projects! Whether you’re a mom or not, all sister docs will enjoy catching up with our Co-Founders to hear what’s

Ep #118: A Conversation with Hero of the Year Dr. Maryam Zia

This episode is a special one! Dr. Archana Shrestha interviews Dr. Maryam Zia, who was voted by her peers as the 2022 Women in White Coats Hero of the Year! Dr. Zia reflects on receiving this award and shares her thoughts on self compassion. Tune in to hear this hero’s

Ep #116: Using Imperfections as a Way to Connect with Dr. Julie Lindower

Do you find yourself trying to be perfect? It’s time to change your way of thinking! In this episode, Dr. Christine Vo interviews Dr. Julie Lindower, both authors in book 4 of The Chronicles of Women in White Coats. Dr. Lindower talks about her book chapter and the importance of