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Rachel Friedman

To really compete in the wellness industry you have to have a fully integrated business. That’s why each week I will be answering your questions, sharing my stories, giving you tips and advice on how to create a business you love and that makes money.

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Becoming an energetic match for you desires

Let’s be real, We all have desires  and there’s nothing unspiritual about it. It’s part of being human. Of course they are different for different people. And the truth is we can have whatever we desire. If you’re thinking right now – no way. I see you.  I get you.

Deciding with Brianna Antionette

Be honest, does it take you days, weeks, or even months to make a decision? Do you find yourself drowning in the river of misery trying to make the right decision? Terrified you will pick the wrong one and end up worse off than before. So, you just stay in

ONE little-used tactic that creates clients on demand

Look, this ONE little-used tactic creates clients on demand and it’s been totally underutilized. So, in today’s podcast episode I am sharing with you the secret to what truly creates clients and it’s probably not what you are expecting. So make sure you stay for the entire time so you

Are you currently struggling with money mucky?

It’s like when you don’t brush your teeth in the morning your mouth feels mucky.  But this is your relationship with money. Here some symptoms of money mucky: ❌ When you think about charging for your coaching services your heart races, your palms start to sweat, and you feel tightness

Meshing Hypnotherapy & Coaching with Clarissa Tu

Have you ever wondered what actually happens in a hypnotherapy session? Do they really swing a string in front of you to put you into a trance? And how does Hypnotherapy and coaching work together? Today’s episode I have a very special guest, my client Clarissa Tu.  She is a

The 5 C’s You Must Have To Be a Coach

As a coach there are 5’C you need to embody in order for your business to thrive. Commitment to Growth Calm Energy Curiosity Confidence Courage If you are wobbly in any of these three areas your business will wobble too! In today’s episode, I cover each one of these C’s

Behind the Scenes with Tiffany Mason

Do you ever wonder who puts together all of my podcasts?  I used to do it myself until I hired Tiffany Mason with VirtuallyYou! She acts as me (see she is virtually me) for all aspects of my podcast.  She grabs my audio from my podcast host, Anchor, and wa-la


The hard truth that took me what feels like forever to grasp onto . . . Integrity is essential. When you are out of integrity everything will feel hard, uncertain, and confusing. But the moment you get into integrity everything begins to shift.  It all gets to be easy. There’s

Anything is Possible with Juliana Garcia

Do you believe that anything is possible? If you don’t, today’s podcast guest is going to shift your perspective. She’s a self-made multi-millionaire who has built her business from the ground up. I’m so excited and honored to have my coach on today’s episode sharing so many juicy nuggets. Get