Weight Loss For The Military Service Member

Angie Gross

Hello, I’m Angie Gross, a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach and a Military Service Member specializing in helping other Service Members just like you who are overweight, tired, and exhausted pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease. The reason why I do this work is because I know that this one thing can make a huge difference in having more energy and losing those extra pounds, whether it’s 20lbs or 100lbs. I have personally used life coaching tools to lose 50lbs TWICE myself, and best of all I have kept the weight off and can pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease.

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Ep 33 – Who Cares What Society Thinks

What works for some does not work for all. When you decide you want to do something, just do it. Because there is no such thing as good or bad or right and wrong. All there is, is you and what you decide. Just because someone tells you it is

Ep 32 – Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Today I want to talk about getting out of our comfort zone. Trying something new. Getting out of our sweat pants and doing something new. Trying something new when it comes to losing weight, or meeting any other types of goals. But I don’t mean physically….I don’t mean get up

Ep 31 – Goals

I am going to start out the year, talking about goals.

Ep 30 – Don’t Let The Stress Get To You

In this episode, I talk about the stress of the world we are living in and how it has had an affect on my own mental health and how I have been able to deal with our current circumstances without losing my mind.

Ep 29 – Consistency Isn’t Always The Key

In this episode, I talk about how the famous phrase consistency is key, really isn’t always the key. What if you didn’t need to be consistent to get the results you are looking for? Listen to this weeks podcast where I talk about my experience with consistency and how consistency

Ep 28 – Lose the STRESS, Lose the WEIGHT

Stress is a big deal when it comes to losing weight. Now let’s talk about the stress of doing a diet or program on top of the stress of everyday life. Because let’s be real. Sometimes when we embark on the journey of losing weight and we pick something that

Ep 27 – Toxic People

We have all dealt with a toxic person. Maybe even a toxic leader. But what makes them toxic in the first place? Most of the time we don’t even question it. We just think it is the way they are. But if your wrong? What if they aren’t toxic at

Ep 26 – Ignore All The Rules

This episode I talk about breaking all the rules. For many of us, it is the rules that we should be following, or need to be following that prevent us from losing weight. When we think that we should be doing something or need to do something it comes from

Ep 25 – What’s The Right Decision

Do you ever get stuck in indecision because your afraid of making the wrong decision? What is the right decision anyways? Who get’s to decide that it is a right decision? Feeling out of control because you don’t want to make a decision and choosing to eat to distract yourself