Weight Loss For The Military Service Member

Angie Gross

Hello, I’m Angie Gross, a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach and a Military Service Member specializing in helping other Service Members just like you who are overweight, tired, and exhausted pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease. The reason why I do this work is because I know that this one thing can make a huge difference in having more energy and losing those extra pounds, whether it’s 20lbs or 100lbs. I have personally used life coaching tools to lose 50lbs TWICE myself, and best of all I have kept the weight off and can pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease.

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When The Holidays Are Hard

When you have a loved one who is struggling with their mental health, the holiday season can be a mine field! With more stress (even good stress!) comes more flair ups, meaning all your best laid plans could fall apart in a second. Your spouse might have an anxiety attack

Tolerating Positive Emotions

Do you ever find yourself having a good day where you are feeling calm and your spouse is doing well and then you immediately get hit with a wave of anxiety? Yup. You’re not alone! We are generally not very good at tolerating our positive emotions like joy, happiness, contentedness,

Self Identity and Your Marriage

The way you see yourself can drastically impact the helath of your marriage. In this episode, we discuss what your self identity is, where it comes from, how it impacts your marriage relationship and how to change your self identity and by extention, your marriage. Check it out! 

When You Don’t Feel Like A Team

Every couple has those issues that are just difficult to solve. You start fighting and feel like it is getting you nowhere. It might be: – Money – Sex – In-law relationships – Division of Household duties – Electronic use (phones or videogames) Whatever the issue is for you and

When You Just Had A Big Fight

Everyone fights. Even healthy couples. In fact, conflict can be a great catalyst for change, improvement and learning for you and your spouse.  In this episode we discuss what you can do after the fight to help propel you into success in the future. It’s magical! Click Here to apply

When You Just Feel Tired

We’ve all expereinced thos days (and sometimes months) where you just can’t shake that feeling of exhaustion. It doesn’t matter how much sleep you get, it doesn’t seem to touch it.  In this episode we are going to talk about how to combat that exhaustion and how to start moving

Creating A Partnership Marriage with Aimée Gianni

Is it possible to have a real partnership marriage, even when your spouse is struggling with their mental health?  YES!  We are talking to relationship expert, Aimée Gianni MS about how to avoid getting stuck in and overfunctioning role in your relationship, cultivate friendship and avoid resentment. It is powerful

When You Need An Escape

We all need an escape sometimes, but usually we feel really guilty about it or we don’t even know that we are doing it (hello…Netflix).  In this episode, I’m telling you all my guilty pleasure and how having those little escape valves set up in your life can actually be

Unsolvable Problems

Every Marriage, even the best ones, have unsolvable problems. Often times these are one of the Big 3 – Money, Sex or Family.  But just becasue the issue is unsolvable doesn’t mean that we need to resign ourselves to fighting constantly about the same issues for the rest of our

Co-Parenting with Mental Health Struggles

When your spouse has mental health struggles, it can affect every aspect of your family life, especially how you and your spouse parent together.  This week we are diving into how you can make the most of your parenting relationship, help support your spouse’s positive relationship with your children, and