Weight Loss for South Asian Women Professionals Podcast

Dr Amruti Choudhry

Are you a busy South Asian female Professional who wants to lose weight permanently so you never have to worry about your weight ever again? You’re in the right place! In this podcast, I’ll show you how to manage your mind to achieve permanent weight loss. I’ll teach you how to stop food controlling you and finally develop freedom from food. You’ll learn how to reclaim control of your mind and overcome comfort eating to allow you to create the life you’d like to live. In each episode I will discuss specific issues we face as South Asian Women and how this impacts our lives. I will help you care for yourself so that you can care for others from a much clearer place. I will teach you how to think about food differently and be able to stick to your eating protocol in a way that is sustainable for life. You will learn how to show yourself the love and compassion you show others. I will show you how to feel better without relying on food. I’ll teach you how to improve relationships with others without them changing, and improving the relationship with the most important person in your life – YOU! Each episode will have specific tools that will help you to release your mental weight so that the physical weight will be easier to release. Your host Dr Amruti Choudhry is a Physician (Doctor) in the UK and a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. She lost over 92 pounds (42 kg) in her weight loss journey without any surgery, extreme diets or weight loss pills. She did this whilst being a busy mother, busy doctor and created a successful coaching practice to teach and empower South Asian Women Professionals to do the same. You can find out more about her at www.amruticoaching.com.

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Goals and Intentions in weight loss

You may have set weight loss goals, but have you set a weight loss intention? Learn the difference between goals and intentions and how to use both goals and intentions in your weight loss journey. Remember, enrolment for the February Group Coaching Programme is open until 27th January.   We start

Client Success Story with Dr Maria F

Dr Maria F came to coaching initially to lose the last few kg, but ended up with benefits way beyond her wildest dreams. She progressed in her career as a Neurologist, worked on her time management and learnt how to feel her emotions which is a tool she still uses

Is the Group Coaching Programme for you?

Want to get a feel for whether the Group Coaching Programme is for you? This is an episode for you. Enrolment for the Group Coaching Programme is OPEN from 9th-20th January.   Click here to sign up: https://www.amruticoaching.com/group   If you sign up by Friday 13th January, you’ll get the

Start the New Year with Intention

A Happy New Year to you! As we learn the lessons from 2022 and start 2023, this episode will teach you how to start this year with intention and choose a word of the year. It will teach you how to use this word practically to help solve obstacles this

Evaluating 2022

As 2022 draws to an end, this episode is an evaluation of the amazing and tough moments of 2022.   This is a raw and vulnerable episode discussing difficult moments and how they helped me grow. You will learn how to evaluate your year and use it to create even

How to handle other people’s opinions

Do you struggle to handle other people’s opinions over the festive season? Do you dread meeting up with certain people because they will make remarks about your food, your weight or your choices?   This podcast episode will help you with exactly that – how to handle other people’s opinions.

The truth about permanent weight loss with Dr Katrina Ubell MD

Today on the podcast, is a fun, useful conversation between two experts in the field of mind management and weight loss Dr Amruti Choudhry and Dr Katrina Ubell MD. Listen to them discuss the truth about permanent weight loss, including: – How little training Doctors have in the field of weight

Minimum Baselines in Weight Loss

The festive period can feel like a time for everyone else.   This may leave minimal time for you.   You may be on overdrive this festive period and just wanting a break. You normally only have a break when you have some food or have a glass of wine. 

The truth about uncertainty

The only thing you can be certain of in life is uncertainty.   Yet your brain will try everything to avoid uncertainty, as it feels scary.   This is why you’ll choose to do what you’ve always done, as the brain is craving some sort of certainty, and it gets

BONUS – Christmas Coaching Party Invite

Ever wondered what the hype is about with life coaching?   Ever thought you wanted to give coaching a try because it sounds amazing but wanted to give it a try first?   This is your chance.   I am putting on a Christmas Coaching Party!   Imagine, learning how