Weight Loss for South Asian Women Professionals Podcast

Dr Amruti Choudhry

Are you a busy South Asian female Professional who wants to lose weight permanently so you never have to worry about your weight ever again? You’re in the right place! In this podcast, I’ll show you how to manage your mind to achieve permanent weight loss. I’ll teach you how to stop food controlling you and finally develop freedom from food. You’ll learn how to reclaim control of your mind and overcome comfort eating to allow you to create the life you’d like to live. In each episode I will discuss specific issues we face as South Asian Women and how this impacts our lives. I will help you care for yourself so that you can care for others from a much clearer place. I will teach you how to think about food differently and be able to stick to your eating protocol in a way that is sustainable for life. You will learn how to show yourself the love and compassion you show others. I will show you how to feel better without relying on food. I’ll teach you how to improve relationships with others without them changing, and improving the relationship with the most important person in your life – YOU! Each episode will have specific tools that will help you to release your mental weight so that the physical weight will be easier to release. Your host Dr Amruti Choudhry is a Physician (Doctor) in the UK and a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. She lost over 92 pounds (42 kg) in her weight loss journey without any surgery, extreme diets or weight loss pills. She did this whilst being a busy mother, busy doctor and created a successful coaching practice to teach and empower South Asian Women Professionals to do the same. You can find out more about her at www.amruticoaching.com.

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Actual hunger vs the fear of hunger

If you’re somebody who… Eats more now in case you get hungry later Finishes off everything because it won’t be there later Carries around snacks just in case Gets angry and irritable every time hunger sets in …then this episode is for you! This week, I break down the difference

Clean plate club

In this episode we’re talking about the clean plate club! Often as children we get taught that we have to finish everything on our plates. But if we carry this thinking through to adulthood, it can lead to eating more than our bodies really need. Listen as I share the

Relaxing without food

One of the biggest reasons I see for overeating is the need to feel relaxed. We’re conditioned to think that doing more is better. We think that relaxing is lazy, or selfish, or frivolous. Then we seek out that feeling of relaxed by enjoying food, or going on holiday… …but

Be clear, not confused

In the last of this series on understanding the important emotions in weight loss, I talk about feeling clear. Weight loss can feel so confusing at times …What should I eat, how much should I eat, why isn’t this working, what’s wrong with me? This week, I share how you

Compassion and calm in weight loss

The weight loss journey can be tough, and bring about a lot of negative emotion. Things like failure, negative self image, stress and overwhelm. This week, I talk through how you can learn to bring more feelings of compassion and calm to your weight loss. You can use the tools

How to get committed

Continuing on the theme of important emotions, this podcast explores the emotion of being committed in your weight loss journey. We’ll go through… …What being committed actually means …The stages of belief …How being committed relates to being courageous …Saying no to things …How to start and stay committed to

More curiosity, less criticism

Curiosity is a skill that absolutely transformed my weight loss journey, and my life. Listen to this episode to understand how you can start becoming less critical or yourself and instead be more curious…and learn how this skill will help you lose weight for good.

My dyslexia story

This week, I share my story of discovering I am dyslexic, how it has affected me, and how I have accepted, overcome and embraced the fact that my brain is wired differently to everyone else’s. Whether or not you’re dyslexic, these learnings can be applied to whatever difference or flaw

Learning to say no

Something I’ve always struggled with, and so many of my clients do too, is saying “no”. We’re taught that saying no is rude. Or selfish. Or lazy. But actually, saying no to things that you don’t want, or don’t serve you is a vital skill to have. Not just in