Weight Loss For Small Animal Veterinarians

Nadina Cojocaru DVM

Helping small animal veterinarians stop emotional or stress eating and change the focus in their lives from what to eat next to an amazingly fulfilling personal life and professional career.

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Walking on Eggshells

Wonder why you would rather take care of the kids, make dinner and do the laundry instead of asking your husband to help? Dealing with the discussion, reaction and tantrum is more annoying than just doing it all yourself. This is doable for now but not sustainable. He’s accustomed to

Sneaky Thoughts

Sneaky thoughts are the things we tell ourselves that are suppose to feel good but in reality not helpful at all. In this episode we uncover how sneaky thoughts turn up and why they aren’t actually helpful.

Rule Follower

Do you hate it when someone breaks the rules? Cut you off when you’re driving, take a short cut, or not honor their word. Well this episode is for you. I explore with you what this looks like in your life and how it’s possible to change for your own

Spaghetti vs Waffles

Ever heard of the theory- Men are like waffles and women are like spaghetti? The theory originates from authors Bill and Pam Farrel in their book Men are like waffles- Women are like Spaghetti. Listen to see how that plays out in your relationships and interactions with the opposite gender.

Holding On vs Letting Go

Holding on to the past is a place where we feel belonging and comfort. But what is it costing you now? We also choose to live in the future to avoid dealing with the present. What would happen if we let go of all that makes us feel comfortable? I


The stories we tell ourselves create all that we have today. Some we love and others not is much. In this episode we talk about how to identify if we are telling ourselves stories and decide if they are ones we would like to keep. Want to learn how to


Hiding. Where in life do you feel you are hiding and what is it costing you? In this episode I share why we hide and how to choose to overcome that urge. It’s time for you to stop hiding and start being seen for who you really are inside. Book


Reinvention- I just got back from a live reinvention event and my mind was blown. I had a little box tucked away with stuff I thought I didn’t need coaching on and low and behold, Brooke Castillo, the founder of The Life Coach School went straight there. What have you

The Art of Pivoting

The Art of Pivoting has been one of my own personal transformative tools and its something I teach my clients too. The ability to pivot can reduce your own suffering, however many of us find it difficult to steer away from the “right” path. Listen to how I use it


Overdeliver means to deliver in excess of a norm, standard or requirement. We were brought up thinking more is more but at what cost. As women, daughters, mothers, wives and professionals we tend do overdeliver but build resentment overtime unknowingly. Tune in to find out why we do it and