Weight Loss For Nurses

Karen Schaible

Are you ready to end the overwhelm and confusion with how losing weight can fit into your busy, stressful life as a Nurse? If that’s you, then you are in the right place! Each week you will get tools and techniques to end the BS Cycle, so you overcome exhaustion, burnout, overwhelm and stress eating so you can lose weight for good but, more importantly, enjoy your job and life again. Isn’t it time to learn how to care for yourself as you care for others! Karen lost 100 lbs over 12 years ago after a 30-year struggle, so she understands what it is like being a stressed-out busy nurse, overweight and feeling like there was something wrong with her. She found a whole new approach to weight loss which changed her entire life for the better, and she will share all of that with you! Let’s put an end to the weight gain-weight loss hamster wheel! Your struggle with food and weight isn’t the problem, you have a Busy or Stress problem, and I can help you end all of that.

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Ep#66 Having your own back

What does it mean to have your own back, and why is it important? Let's start with what it looks like for someone else to have our back.  When a friend has our back, it means that no matter what's happening, we can count on them to be there for

Ep#65 The number one belief sabotaging you around food

You've tried all the diets, and you know what to eat, yet you find yourself overeating time and time again.  You're at a loss for why you can't stop giving in to the food that's not on your diet plan.  You're feeling so frustrated and wonder that there must be

Ep#64 The unexpected reason why you don't trust yourself around food

Do you believe that you don't trust yourself around certain foods? The biggest mistake I see people make is thinking because they don't trust themselves around certain food, they have to restrict themselves from ever having that food because having some leads to eating until it's all gone.  And I

Ep#63 Enjoying the holiday season without overindulging

The biggest mistake most people make is thinking they can't stop overeating during the holiday season.  And I get it. Everyone says that the holidays are the time for enjoyment and celebration and food is part of that. So it's easy to fall into the trap that indulging in festive

Ep#62 Mindless Eating vs Emotional Eating

Are you already stressing over how you will get through and enjoy the holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's when it comes to all the food that will be available, especially the food you know you enjoy eating? You are also stressed thinking about how you can enjoy yourself without

Ep#61 Is food your friend or enemy?

What is food to you? It's my best friendIt's my enemyIt's a complicated relationship!  We have relationships with people, AND we also have our relationship with food. You may not even think about having a relationship with food or that your relationship is healthy, but is it? Sometimes a bad

Ep#60 How to control your cravings for candy

I will show you how to get through Halloween without eating all the candy in sight on this week's podcast episode. You see, most people think candy, chips and chocolate bars are "bad" foods, so they restrict themselves from having them. And what happens when you tell yourself you can't

Ep#59 Do you believe you'll never figure it out?

Do you believe you are a failure because you can't figure this overeating thing out? Let me ask you…If you were a failure and couldn't figure things out, how did you get through school to become a nurse and then do your job?  So you are not a failure at

Ep#58 The secret of what's holding you back

I know you are trying hard to stop overeating and emotional eating, and nothing seems to work.  You're frustrated and relying on willpower, jumping from diet to diet and throwing out all your favorite foods in the house.  You're wishing and hoping that you'll figure it out, that something will

Ep#57 The truth about what's causing the scale to bounce around

Are you following a diet you heard is working for so many other people, but it's not working for you?  You watch the scale bouncing up and down and feel frustrated, thinking, "What's the point? So what happens? You quit. In this week's episode, I'm sharing two reasons why the