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Are you ready to shed your excess weight AND your struggle with food and eating without diets and deprivation? Listen to the Weight Loss for Foodies podcast and learn how to dump the diet mindset and have a peaceful relationship with food and eating while losing weight. You’ll learn how to eat consciously and end emotional eating so you can enjoy the foods you love while permanently losing your desire to overeat along with any excess weight. Ditch the diet and join Shari Broder on what can be your final weight loss journey and lose the weight for good. Hop on the path and subscribe now. Learn more at https://sharibroder.com/wlff-podcast/

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EP#192: How to Eat Like an Italian

How do Italians eat pasta every day and not gain weight? Why do they have the lowest obesity rate in Western Europe? Why they don’t gain weight as easily as Americans do?  In October, I was really fortunate to spend two weeks in northern Italy. I visited  Venice, Verona, Florence,

EP. #191: How to Reach Your Goals By Taking Baby Steps

How many times have you heard this saying? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So many people get stuck and have difficulty reaching their weight goals (and any other goal for that matter) because they get caught in a repetitive pattern of

EP. #190: How You Think About Food You Eat Affects Weight Loss

Do you eat foods you don’t like very much because they’re low in calories or carbs, then feel unsatisfied afterwards and still crave something tastier?  There’s a scientific reason behind that! I have something exciting and NEW to share with you about mindset and eating.  Surprising evidence supports the role

EP. #189: How to Deal with Comments about Weight & Eating

Do you have family members who make comments about your weight, other people’s weight, their own weight, or what you should and shouldn’t eat? Do you have friends or family who are always talking about their latest diet? It’s summer vacation, which for many of us means eating meals with

EP. 188: How to Effectively Use the Hunger Scale

When was the last time you felt physically hungry?  Do you eat in response to your body’s hunger signals? Or do you eat for all kinds of other reasons that have nothing to do with your body’s need for food? One of the most important tenets of the Weight Loss

EP. #187-How to Trust Yourself Around Any Food

If you want to lose weight, how you THINK about food is even more important than what you eat. You see, your mindset about food and eating, especially if it’s a diet mindset, could be the single biggest thing standing between you and weight loss success.  The good news is

EP. #186: A Rule Hater’s Guide to Food Rules

Do you have a lot of rules about what you can and can’t eat?  Some people have lists of food rules that are almost as long as the United States tax code.  No sugar.  No carbs.  No refined flour.  Only eat fruit before noon.  No fried foods.  No dairy.  No

Can Eating What You Love Help Your Metabolism?

Eat what you love and increase your metabolism? That’s entirely possible,  and there’s even science to back it up. Eating mindfully and savoring food away from the distractions of your smartphone, the television or other distractions, can actually help you lose weight. I was surprised to learn this, too, but a study done

EP. #184: 7 Ways to Delay Gratification to Achieve Your Goals

You’ve decided you’re going to finally do what you need to do to lose those extra pounds. Starting today, you’ve resolved to eat better.  You’re going to eat only when you’re hungry.  You make a yummy salad and bring it to work for lunch.  You vow to eat fewer sweets