Weight a Minute

Beth Boebel and Jessica Pearson

Weight a Minute is about the crazy, sad, and effed-up ways that diet culture keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle with food and your body.  We’re here to dismantle these falsehoods and get you on a path to loving yourself, food, and life. We’re bringing levity to the profound conversations about body image, diet culture, and more. Each week we’re showing you how to drop the drama so you can focus on what matters most!  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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37 – Perfectionism and Failure

Do you identify as a perfectionist? And then try to apply the principles of perfection to food by desiring to hold onto food rules or a structure pretty tightly? When you step out of that structure does your brain make you think you are a failure? We are here this

You Might Be an Emotional Eater If….

This week Jessica and Beth discuss the myriad ways that emotional eating shows up. Hint – there’s more to it than eating all the things when you are mad or sad. Tune in to learn more about emotional eating. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Hormones with Dr. Akhter

It seems like our sex hormones are such a mystery because in some ways we hear about how having them imbalanced causes us problems, yet we often aren’t getting the info or the support we need to figure out how they’re doing or how to balance them if something is

Three Simple Upgrades for Health

Back in Jessica and Beth’s culinary school adventures, we learned about three key (and easy) things in our everyday diet that we can upgrade to improve our health. Rather than think that improvements in health and nutrition need to be dramatic sweeping changes, why not just stick with some basics

Kegels are the Carbs of Pelvic Floor Health

Today we have a fun episode with physical therapist, Rebecca Maidansky. We are talking about pelvic floor health, and YES it does absolutely relate to diet culture and NO it’s not because you aren’t doing your kegels. Tune it today to find out how sucking it in, tight clothes, and

Hiding with Latifat Akintade MD

Learn the impact of not showing up. We talk about how hiding shows up in various areas of our lives, including health and body image, and our guest tells a story about how the simple act of showing up exactly as you are can make an unexpected impact. Representation matters

Fear of Success

This week we have a chat about how one might be self-sabotaging because there is an underlying fear of success. It can be small or big thoughts that are holding us back from creating change in our lives. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Embracing Discomfort

Jessica and Beth have been thinking a lot about being uncomfortable and why so many people resist discomfort. There are, of course, times when discomfort is a sign that what you are doing is not good for the long run. However, there are many times in our journeys of creating

Beth’s Body Image Journey

This week Beth shares some insights into her ongoing body image journey. Just because you have done a lot of work on self-acceptance doesn’t mean you remain carefree and “perfect” forever. We also talk about going past the surface thoughts that we might think are true and that are the