Upleveling Your Life

Claire Cleary & Michelle Vasquez

We’re Life Coaches on a mission to teach you concepts & practical tools to achieve your goals & create a life you love. We’d love to connect with you! Find out more about us at: claireclearycoaching.com & michellevasquezcoaching.com . . . Music: Higher Up by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermansound.com

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88 – How Can You Handle Stressful Relationships

Thank you for joining us in this series, where we are sharing some of our most downloaded and played podcast episodes. We think people should behave differently. We think we should have done things differently. We beat ourselves up for having negative feelings toward others. We beat ourselves up for

87 – It Will Be Better When I Get There

Our clients sometimes think that life will be better once they achieve the goal, we encourage you to enjoy the journey and who you are becoming as you achieve your goal. Today, we invite you to listen to one of our most played epidoses and consider if the reason you

86 – How to Use Comparison as Fuel to Keep You Moving Forward

When you see others doing, having, or being someone that you wish you could be (or have). We’d like to encourage you to see it all as that’s what’s possible for you and let that fuel you into staying in action towards your goals. Do not let where others are

85-What is Required of Us to…

Whatever change you want to make in your life, you will be required to … grow, evolve, adjust, and fail until you succeed. Join us today as we share what will be required of us if we want to live a life that we are madly in love with. A

84 – Keys to ensure you reach your goals this time

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll achieve the same results. We, as humans, are used to looking to the past for evidence that we can achieve results. Or, we keep looking for something external to help us stay more motivated or convinced enough that this time we will

82 – Evaluating 2022 & Planning for 2023

All the decisions that we’ve made so far have led us to where we are today. Join us today as we share tips to help you evaluate the year and plan for 2023. Evaluate 2022 to gain awareness only! What were my goals this year? Were they specific, attainable, and

81 – What If I’m Not Ready To Work On Myself

If you want to make a change or set a new goal but are unsure if you’re "ready," you will not want to miss this week’s episode. Join us as we share tips to help you decide what you want and how to get started, even when you feel like

80 – People Pleasing

"People pleasing" can be very subtle and lead you to "have that extra drink", and say "yes" to others when you want to say no. It’s important that you stay true to yourself and how you feel. Pleasing people can leave you feeling resentful, always looking for approval, If you’re