Upleveling Your Life

Claire Cleary & Michelle Vasquez

We’re Life Coaches on a mission to teach you concepts & practical tools to achieve your goals & create a life you love. We’d love to connect with you! Find out more about us at: claireclearycoaching.com & michellevasquezcoaching.com . . . Music: Higher Up by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermansound.com

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79 – Boundaries

Personal boundaries. What are they & why do we need them? Personal boundaries are the limits and rules we set for ourselves. In this episode, we talk about the different types of boundaries, why it’s important to set them, and what we can do when our boundaries are violated. Some

78 – The Holidays & Relationships, Part 2

The Holidays can be a wonderful season for you, but, they can also bring a lot of overwhelm, regret, and maybe even some shame. In this episode, we share some practical tips that can help you when you wish things were different, or when you’re feeling negative emotions. One of

77 – Gratitude

What things are you most grateful for? Gratitude helps us to stay focused on the present. On our thoughts, actions, and personal and emotional growth. In this episode, we talk about all the different things we are grateful for, why it is important to have gratitude, and a quick gratitude

76- The Holidays & Relationships, Part 1

Establish a good relationship with yourself first. How you treat yourself and your body will help you gain clarity about what kind of relationship you will have with others. Show up for others just like you would show up for someone you admire or respect in your life. Some of

75 – Staying With Our Goals

As we get closer to the end of the year, it’s important to continue moving toward your measurable goals. Whether it’s to: • Drink less, • Have better relationships, • Feel less overwhelmed, • Make the most of the rest of this year, or • You just can’t seem to

74 – Anxiety About The Future

Anxiety about the future holds us back from taking action. In this episode, we discuss what you can do to keep moving forward. To schedule a call to find out more about our 1: 1 coaching programs, go to: https://www.claireclearycoaching.com/book-online michellevasquezcoaching.com/schedule-today We look forward to connecting with you! . And,

73 – Letting Go Of Things

We often hold onto old thoughts or stay in relationships just because we’ve been thinking them, or with them for so long—even when they aren’t doing us good. Some of the things we talk about in this episode: • Letting go of beliefs/people without judgment. • Looking back with regret

72 – Your Relationship With Yourself

You may not think about your relationship with yourself, but it’s very important to the success of your goals & relationships with other people. In this episode we talk about: • Taking time for yourself • Keeping promises to yourself • Getting clear about your likes & wants • Trusting

71 – How To Achieve Your Goals

Being strategic when working towards your goal will help you get there in less time, with less frustration & stress. Some things we discuss in this episode are: • Make sure you have a clear goal • Break it down into steps • Prioritize. Focus on high-impact things. • Take

70 – When Your Partner Doesn’t Have The Same Goals As You

It can be very challenging when you are trying to make a change & your partner (or friends) don’t share your desire or enthusiasm to change. In this episode we discuss: • How you can stay committed & achieve your goals even when you don’t have the support you want