Uncheck the Box Podcast

Ashwini Nayak, MD & Archana Nayak, Esq.

A podcast for women professionals and entrepreneurs who want to confidently bring their ideas to life!

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Unfinished Masterpieces – Part 1

Have you ever felt the dissatisfaction or restlessness that comes from thinking that you're not “there” yet?  In this episode we share about our experience at the Sagrada Família. We visited this basilica six years ago during a family vacation to Barcelona, Spain. Many consider the Sagrada Família to be

Coaching Insights to Help Your Garden Grow

In this episode, Ashwini coaches Archana on her concern of not having a green thumb. You’ll get to see how a short conversation leads to insights that change her entire approach to her garden.  The second part of the episode includes commentary and reflection on the coaching session. We discuss:

Tell Me A Story

What is the last story that you heard that stands out in your mind? What impression did it leave on you?  As humans we have a deep appreciation for story, and we use story to develop connections with others and to enhance learning. Storytelling is also an easy and effective

The Landscape of Leadership

How will you choose to explore the landscape of leadership? As you begin your journey to step into the leader that you are, we will answer questions such as: What lies at the heart of great leadership? How does your map relate to your territory? and How can you show

Box Checkers & Free Thinkers

Welcome to the first episode of the Uncheck the Box podcast! Join us as we introduce ourselves and talk about what it means to "uncheck" the box.  We created this podcast especially for you – the professional or entrepreneur who is ready to re-invent herself and create her own path