Jessica Smarro

Welcome to the Unblocked podcast with Jessica Smarro! This podcast explores the blocks that get in the way of living our best lives and serves as a catalyst to self-exploration and self-realization. We discuss how to remove the mental, emotional, and behavioral barriers that get in the way of knowing our inner truth and living fully in and from that place. We discuss the steps required to free oneself from these blocks. Doing so allows us to show up in the world as fully alive, integrated, creative, whole humans. Let’s get Unblocked!

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Many of us find ourselves in the worthiness hustle, caught up in perfectionism, overworking, overexerting our way to the next big goal so that we can accomplish enough to believe in our self-worth.  This episode examines the question "how do we actually create self-worth?"  Tune in for some answers. If

What Lights You Up

If you are living with a sense that something is off or missing, feeling unfulfilled, aimless, lacking vision, or feeling like life is passing you by, be sure to tune in to this episode for an invitation to follow what lights you up. As Howard Thurman said "Don't ask what

Relationship Ups and Downs

Let's be honest, sometimes relationships are infuriating.  Other times, they're euphoric.  Sometimes they fall somewhere in between.  In this episode I talk about why the "lows" aren't necessarily a problem and provide some guideposts to help navigate those times. If you find yourself struggling to navigate the ups and downs,

Healing with Heather Lescault

Life is a mixed bag of traumatic and beautiful moments.  Having practices, tools, skills, resources, and supports to help us handle ALL the moments, is imperative.  In this episode, Heather Lescault shares with us the healing practices that helped her navigate postpartum depression and all the experiences life has to

What You Think About You

What do you think about yourself when you're by yourself?  Tom Bilyeu says that your answer to this question is what matters most in this life.  In this episode I talk about what we think about ourselves, why it can be hard to receive compliments and praise, and offer some

Identity Crisis? with Cam Nichols

Tune in for this conversation with the one and only Cam Nichols.  Cam is a life coach who works with shy introverts to help them stop hiding and start living.  In this episode we have a soulful conversation about identity and the social conditioning we experience that shapes what we

Self-Love vs Self-Relationship

For some, self-love is a bit of a mystery or feels like an impossible goal.  If the starting point is self-loathing, it completely makes sense that self-love would seem out of the question. In today's episode, I talk about recalibrating the goal to adjust the focus toward building a relationship

What Are You Waiting For? with Cassondra Preer Taylor

Allow me to introduce you all to Cassondra Preer Taylor.  She is an entrepreneur, decorated military veteran, and a business woman with a highly awarded corporate career.  While all of that is impressive, it doesn't hold a candle the experience of her presence.  In today's episode, she shares a bit

Win or Lose, I'd Do It Anyway

Full well knowing that there is a possibility of winning or losing, athletes show up to their games anyway.  They train, practice, workout, develop their craft day in and day out even though they know there is a chance that their efforts will result in a loss.  Win or lose,

Happy Pursuits with Sarah Rose

You guys, a conversation with Sarah Rose is like being wrapped in a zen-filled blanket of wisdom and goodness.  So if you need a healthy dose of that, this is an episode you won't want to miss. We talk about the blocks we erect in our lives that get in