Jessica Smarro

Welcome to the Unblocked podcast with Jessica Smarro! This podcast explores the blocks that get in the way of living our best lives and serves as a catalyst to self-exploration and self-realization. We discuss how to remove the mental, emotional, and behavioral barriers that get in the way of knowing our inner truth and living fully in and from that place. We discuss the steps required to free oneself from these blocks. Doing so allows us to show up in the world as fully alive, integrated, creative, whole humans. Let’s get Unblocked!

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Unexpected Trust

Hey friends! In this episode, I have a candid conversation about a recent experience in developing trust. Trust can be a tricky thing for some.  I don't struggle to trust other people, but turns out I have some blocks around trusting that I will have what I need when I

Living Intuitively with Avianna Castro

I am thrilled to have Avianna Castro on today's episode.  Avianna is an intuitive transformational coach and meditation teacher, founder of Avianna Castro, LLC and Oneness Wellness.  Her passion is to assist others in recognizing and connecting to their own intuition, potential, and purpose, guiding souls on remembering who they

Relating to Money Intentionally with Jill Sirianni

Regardless of your current relationship to money, this is a conversation you don't want to miss. Jill and I talk about the various money stories people have and reframing them in ways that will actually serve us.  Tune in for a conversation about developing a value-based relationship with money so that

You Don't Need To Be Fixed

It's time to witness and un-shame our humanity.  Kierkegaard told us that life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.  The same holds true for us.  We are a reality to be experienced.  In the self-help movement, some of us lost the "self" we

Who You Were Born To Become

This episode was inspired by a Matt Kahn quote "In order to be who I was born to become, life couldn't have happened any other way." There is an opportunity to squeeze learning, growth, awareness, and meaning out of all of life's experiences.  This gets missed when we are busy

Body Freedom with Kayla Van Egdom

For many people, women especially, food, body image, sexuality are often intertwined in a conflicting mix of desire and denial. In this episode, I am joined by Kayla Van Egdom to explore the path to body freedom.  Kayla is a health coach, energy healer, author, and podcaster who is on

Through the Eyes of a 15-Year-Old: A Conversation with Gavin Smarro

Recording this episode was a fun treat, a gift of sorts, so it feels right to have it release on Christmas Day. In this episode, the eldest Smarro boy is making an appearance.  I am joined by 15-year-old Gavin Smarro. As parents, it's easy to get caught up in the

Unconditional Worthiness with Dr. Adia Gooden

In this episode, we continue the conversation from the previous episode on self-worth.  I am joined by Dr. Adia Gooden to take a closer look at what self-worth is, what gets in the way of knowing our worth, and how to feel more worthy.    Dr. Gooden is a licensed


Many of us find ourselves in the worthiness hustle, caught up in perfectionism, overworking, overexerting our way to the next big goal so that we can accomplish enough to believe in our self-worth.  This episode examines the question "how do we actually create self-worth?"  Tune in for some answers. If

What Lights You Up

If you are living with a sense that something is off or missing, feeling unfulfilled, aimless, lacking vision, or feeling like life is passing you by, be sure to tune in to this episode for an invitation to follow what lights you up. As Howard Thurman said "Don't ask what