Train Your Mind with Vanessa Faye Foerster

Vanessa Faye Foerster

Your mind is your best performance tool. Train Your Mind is the podcast that teaches endurance athletes how to train their minds like they train their bodies. Certified Life Coach and Mindset Expert, Vanessa Faye Foerster went from middle of the pack finisher to Kona qualifier in one year and now teaches athletes how to build mental endurance to achieve their next level performance. To learn more, head over to Follow on Instagram: @vanessafayefoerster

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Kona Race Recap

First Monday home post Kona calls for a recap of my first go at the Ironman World Championships! Lots of highs and lots of lows. And a race day where I had to fight in a way I never have before to get to the finish line. I share a

94. Time to Pause

It's time to pause, my friends. I get pretty emotional in this episode because the love I feel for this work is real. Thank you for being here. I'll be back.  The Train Your Mind Community is still open and ready to welcome you in. Join us HERE 

93. Goals and HOW Math

Ever find yourself getting caught up in the numbers of how you will reach a goal? In this episode, I share why it's time to get out of the HOW math. Leave that to your coach. Tune in to find out where to focus your attention and what that will

92. Micro Quitting Filter

This episode is a follow-up to the original episode on Micro Quitting. If you're new around here (welcome!), listen to episode 24 or 74 first and then come back here. I get this question quite often:  how do I know if I’m micro quitting or just listening to my body? 

91. MVP Episode: Redefine Failure with Skye Moench

Coming in hot with an MVP episode this week! Tune in to listen to my conversation with Pro Triathlete Skye Moench. She's accomplished so much since this episode was originally released and I have no doubt she would agree so much of that is because of how she's upleveled her

90. Overthinking vs. Thought FULL

Tune in to learn the difference between overthinking and being thought FULL. While overthinking leaves you feeling overwhelmed and anxious, being thought FULL is energizing and can put your mind at ease. In this episode, I share how to know the difference and what to do when you find yourself

89. Reigniting JOY with Maggie Rusch

Tune in to this week's episode for a special conversation with Maggie Rusch! Not only is Maggie the overall female winner of Ironman Tulsa 2022, she's also a rad human with a story that reminds us that you can start from where you are to create the racing experience you

88. Emotional Fueling Plan

What does your emotional fueling plan consist of? What emotions are you using to fuel yourself daily in training? If you've never thought about how you fuel yourself beyond just what you eat and drink, now is the time! In this episode, you learn the most common emotions I see

87. One Race Closer – Ironman Tulsa

Tune into this episode for my Ironman Tulsa race recap. I cover a few things I'm proud of from the race, what I will do differently next time, and why I don't feel embarrassed or discouraged from setting a goal to win and not achieving it. After Ironman Tulsa, I'm