The Yummy Mummy

Laura Conley

Hey mama! This podcast is for you if you have desperately been searching for the answer to end your diet drama and want to weigh your dream-come-true weight effortlessly and without deprivation! If you’re like I used to be, you’re dying to just be at your natural weight and eat real food. You have probably been searching high and low for the answers. Well, my yummy mummy, you have come to the right place. I can help you once and for all.Each and every week, I will teach you the new and different concepts that I teach my clients so you too can achieve not only your dream-come-true body, but so you can feel like yourself again. If you listen every week and apply these tools, you will be well on your way to those jeans — and you know what I’m talking about! — in no time. But remember, while it is about those jeans, it’s also about what they represent: freedom, aliveness, liberation, and you getting up to what you’re really meant to get up to in your one precious life.So take a second to breathe a sigh of relief. This really is the answer. You can sit back, relax, listen in, and watch your life transform. I am so excited to guide you on this journey! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Is the Yummy Mummy just a diet reframed?

Hey BABE! Let’s take a closer look about some of the questions that can arise when we are on the journey to losing weight for the last time! Like…. Is it bad or wrong to have rules around food? Does having rules around food = diet culture? Are black and

Client Chat: “the dream I wouldn’t let myself have” + more!

Tune in to hear from some of the Yummiest Mummies EVER! You will get ah hah after ah hah!  We talked: – allowing yourself to have the dream you thought was only for other people – giving yourself the permission you are seeking from your partner – weight loss can

What if “IT” is not for the last time with Claire Pelletreau

HEY GORGEOUS!  Usually I bring you guests that tell you their “after”.  BUT, in this freaking awesome episode, I want you to meet Claire.  She is the “before”, she has not even started the Yummy Mummy Experience.  She shares her pain, her doubts and why she decided to take a

How to Make 2023 Your Year!

BABES! It is your year. It is. This eppy poo is designed to help you get on board with the fact that you deserve to have A YEAR!!! Everyone else had their year and now it is your turn. Once you are on board then I will teach you HOW

Evaluate or Deteriorate

I know it sounds dramatic, but it is true. You must evaluate your life unless you want your life to deteriorate. Evaluate or deteriorate: your choice. BUT, I make it FUN! In this eppidity epp I teach you HOW to evaluate and how to not make is so damn sucky!

How to Thrive Through the Holidays

Hey Boo!! Feeling overwhelmed? Annoyed at your people? Feeling kinda gross from all that sugar? Then this episode is for you! We cover: 1. How to not gain a f*ck ton of weight 2. How to not feel gross and ugh 3. How to overcome overwhelm 4. How to actually

Ask a Yum Mum Alum!

You are going to LOVE this episode! Inside you will hear answers to YOUR burning questions, the best part is I am not doing the answering! You will hear from 4 of the Yummiest Yum Mum Alums who are even more skilled at dropping wisdom and possibility because they are

Boundaries + Weight Loss

Boundaries is a HOT tippity TOPIC! But what IS a boundary in the first place? Do you need to set one (or a few)? In this ep I help you get SUPER clear about what a boundary actually is and IS NOT and how to set one if you want

Do you want to be RIGHT or do you want to be “SKINNY”?

Hey Mama! In this episode we cover some more of the nuanced (but simple) mindset shifts you will want to make in order to lose weight for the last time! We talk through what you might WANT to be wrong about, why that is important and why it is so

The Point of Life + No Regrets with Laura Dixon

WHAT! Two weight loss Laura’s in the house!??!! YES it is true the Laura’s of Weight Loss are dropping all the truth bombs and you are going to want to tune in NOW!!! We talk about the point of life, why losing weight could be causing unnecessary regrets and unnecessary