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The YOUnicorn Lens transitions to LOVE Your FACE

As we prepare for Season 2 of the podcast, Marcie is joined by her sister as they gather together a tribe of powerful women who are striving to live their best life.  They have a common goal to share the power of our thoughts and how they design our lives.

59. Arrivederci JoAnn, Cin-Cin to the Next Right Dream!

The final episode…for now! Marcie and JoAnn talk about what their next right dreams are – JoAnn will be stepping away from the podcast, but Marcie may do some rebranding so stay tuned! We filled in one eye on our Daruma dolls and when we complete our next right step,

58. Miss Musico

During our stay in Florence, we met people with great dreams and stories. Dominique is one of them. Listen to her story of a dream that unfolded in its own time. The process started in 2019 to get her Italian visa. She had the perfect conditions to be able to

56. The Next Dream And The Power Of Words

In today’s episode from Florence, we chat about the dream we’re living now and how we got to this point. It was originally Marcie’s Impossible Goal and on JoAnn’s Someday List. Now we want to call it something else, but we don’t know what yet. But for the past week,

54. Ciao From Firenze!

Our first few days in Florence have been filled with new sights and sounds. Learning to get around on the bus, meeting the hosts, making our way around the kitchen. Getting a routine established, we are starting our Italian study and just getting settled in. Yoga, lemon water, taking our

53. The Unknown Known With Stephanie Diane

We met Stephanie by going through Sheri Salata’s signature Course last year and had the privilege of getting to know more of her story in today’s episode. She’s a multi-talented artist, writer, massage therapist and plant-based chef. After taking a DNA test for a medical checkup at 48 years old,

52. The Tuscan Life With Lisa Brancatisano

We had a delightful time with Lisa on a rainy day in Florence via Zoom. While we Las Vegans love getting any drop of rain, Lisa prefers the sunny days when she’s running around town. We felt like we gained a new friend to visit when we’re in Florence. She’s

51. The Untold Italy With Katy Clarke

We are having the best time meeting people who love Italy! We’ve already learned so much through Katy’s podcast Untold Italy. Do yourself a favor and subscribe if you want to find those gems you won’t find in typical guide books. Katy first visited Italy over 20 years ago and