The Wildly Confident Podcast

Kathrine Weissner

Join me each week for about 10-15 minutes to learn micro habits & new ideas on how to remove limiting beliefs (what I call “weeds”) and planting new beliefs (what I call “seeds”) to manifest what you want in your life. By removing the “weeds” you will make a clear path to finally reach those goals and big dreams that you have not been able to get yet with ease and grace. From making more money to getting wildly confident, this podcast helps you get what you want in your life, stat!! “Weeds” such as: Imposter Syndrome, The Inner Critic, “Good Girl”, People Pleaser, Procrastinator, Perfectionism, Body Shame, Low Self Worth, Co-Dependency/”Fixer”, Sexual Shame, Fear of Standing Out, Conditional Love, Poor Boundaries, Overwhelm, External Confidence and much, much more!!! By listening to this podcast you agreement to the following Disclaimer:

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Ep. 54: The Manual

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Ep. 53: The Secret Language of Manifestation #3

OK, OK, OK…I hear you – you have started to see some results in your manifesting evidence journal – it's happening!!! Congratulations!!! Starting to feel SOLID in the belief & power to create you own results (aka manifesting) – then listen up for this last secret!!! Isn't this FUN!!! Yes

Ep. 52: The Secret Language of Manifestation #2

Welcome back to Secret #2 – this ain't no car wash – it's ain't no discotheque either – this is Manifestation HQ Baby!  Yes – you all know I love manifestation – which is just a woo word for getting results & sh*t done with ease & grace. I've been

Ep. 51: The Secret Language of Manifestation #1

Kicking off Season #3 with the latest & greatest!!!  Yes – you all know I love manifestation – which is just a woo word for getting results & sh*t done with ease & grace. I've been documenting my manifestation tests and have found 3 secrets that I think will help

Ep.50: Of Gut Feelings, Goosebumps & Microbiomes

Come listen in on my theory of what a gut feeling really is and where goosebumps or that knowing, electric feeling we get comes from.  I have been obsessed with the gut microbiome for years – and I decided to do an episode to share my love with you and

Ep. 49: How to Look Better in Photos (It's not what you think…)

Ever have judgment over how you look in photos?  Welcome to the club my dears – you are just like 99.98% of the rest of women who are sizing themselves up in photos to determine if the are "good" photos or delete worthy… but what really makes a "good" photo

Ep. 48: How to be more Joyful

I was out on my morning walk and had a sudden inspiration to record this episode. I was in full on joy and wanted to share with you my joyful practices to spread the love.   I recorded it when I got back home straight through – "channeling" the information.

Ep. 46: The Body is Nothing but a Map of the Heart

Wanna know why standing with your hand on your hips in an outfit that makes you feel confident AF actually does increase your confidence? Ever heard of somatic and embodiment work? Peeps – this is the SECRET ingredient that will help you re-wire your entire body into permanent habit changes. 

Ep. 45: Gaslighting 103 – The Matrix

Ever have someone make you feel… UnsureConfused Make you question your reality Like you are lost in a house of mirrors in your own head!! Welcome to my 3 part series on Gaslighting…. I am breaking down gaslighting into the 3 major ways it effects you… How you Gaslight yourself. How