The Widowed Mom Podcast

Krista St-Germain

The Widowed Mom Podcast offers practical and empowering strategies for widowed moms who believe in the possibility of loving life again but sometimes worry their best days are behind them. If you want more than traditional therapy and grief groups can offer, if you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you want help navigating the unique challenges of being a widowed mom with support that is uplifting and honest, this is the podcast for you. In each episode, Certified Life Coach, widow and mom, Krista St-Germain, will teach you small, manageable steps and techniques to help uncover what’s holding you back and show you how to create a future you can actually look forward to. You may not believe it yet but you CAN move through your grief and live a life you love. If you want to learn more, head over to

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Start and End the Day with Purpose with Marla Beech

Do you ever feel like your day gets away from you? Like you are a victim to all of the comings and goings and moving parts of the day, but don’t have any sort of direction? This podcast will help you start and end your day with purpose! My friend

The Value of Margins

In a book or document, there is a little space around the outside of our page that is called a margin.  This helps create a border around the words, but also then creates some white space around the page.  How many of us create margins in our lives?  A little

Intention with Jarred Rydalch

My husband Jarred and I were having a discussion one morning in December and he mentioned his word for the year was intentional.  I said, “That’s funny! Mine is deliberate!” They mean basically the same thing! Doing things on purpose! Although most of us are intentional with some things, maybe

Give Me 10 Minutes!

At the beginning of the new year, we can set goals and have aspirations, and heck, even just want to finish a project! But sometimes they just seem too big.  We can find ourselves not moving forward because it will take too much time, we don’t have enough time, and

Becoming the Mighty Oak

Every year I pick a word to focus on for the year and this year’s word was “Becoming.” As I have gone throughout the year I’ve been taking notes and paying attention to what that word means to mean and learning all about becoming. In this podcast, we discuss what

Choosing the Good Parts

Life is like a movie, full of suspense, thrills, and highs and lows.  As we near the close of 2022, have we taken the time to reflect on the year? If so, what parts do you see? Do we see good parts or bad parts? Our brains are naturally wired

Feeling Good: The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself and Others

Feeling Good! Do you know how powerful that is and what it does!? When we feel good we show up as our best selves.  We have energy, we are open, and we take action.  In this episode, we discuss three things that we can do to keep our heads in

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Earlier this month I noticed someone wrote on our whiteboard 23 days until Xmas.  It took me by surprise and I made a mental note to have a discussion with our kids about this.  Later that very day our 9-year-old asked, “Mom, what’s Xmas?” We went into detail about why

10 Tips to Enjoy the Holiday Foods Without the Weight Gain

The Holiday Season is here! That means there are lots of extra holiday parties, gatherings, and goodies! Unless we make some conscious decisions ahead of time we can end up with some weight gain at the end of the season from overeating and overindulging in the good food available.  In

Interview with Luke and Emily Grover

Luke Grover is my brother-in-law who was recently diagnosed with non-smokers lung cancer. He and his wife and their 5 kids have been on a roller coaster as they have navigated this new territory of this diagnosis, treatments, and what the future holds for them.  It hasn’t been an easy