The Widowed Mom Podcast

Krista St-Germain

The Widowed Mom Podcast offers practical and empowering strategies for widowed moms who believe in the possibility of loving life again but sometimes worry their best days are behind them. If you want more than traditional therapy and grief groups can offer, if you’re stuck in an emotional pattern and feel like you can’t get free, if you want help navigating the unique challenges of being a widowed mom with support that is uplifting and honest, this is the podcast for you. In each episode, Certified Life Coach, widow and mom, Krista St-Germain, will teach you small, manageable steps and techniques to help uncover what’s holding you back and show you how to create a future you can actually look forward to. You may not believe it yet but you CAN move through your grief and live a life you love. If you want to learn more, head over to

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174. Be Done Apologizing

So many widows have a difficult time loving life after their spouse dies because of all the ways they think they aren’t living up to a completely optional set of standards. But we need to put down the idea that we need to be different. We need to consider that

173. Weight Loss and Grief: An Interview with Dr. Katrina Ubell

So much of what we struggle with in grief can be exactly what holds us back from the things we want to accomplish, including weight loss. This week, I’m sitting down with my dear friend, Master Certified Coach, and weight loss expert, Dr. Katrina Ubell to discuss how learning the

172. Widows Like Us: An Interview with Pam Demke

I can’t believe I’ve created a business where I get to work with and change the lives of people like my Widows Like Us guest today. Pam Demke is an OG Widowed Mom, and she’s sharing her journey of widowhood, the wisdom she would offer her past self or new

Ep #171: How You’re Supposed to Feel

How often are you telling yourself that you shouldn’t feel the way you do? Are you supposed to feel some other way than you do right now? How exactly are you supposed to feel? Let’s talk about it in today’s episode.   Get full show notes and more information here:

Ep #170: The Grieving Brain: An Interview with Mary-Frances O’Connor

Whether you are on a grief journey that feels never-ending, or you’re trying to figure out how to support someone who’s currently grieving, you can benefit from hearing a variety of angles on grief. This week, author and leader in the field of complicated grief Mary-Frances O’Connor shares groundbreaking discoveries

Ep #169: It’s Not Personal

How much time and energy do you spend taking the things other people say and do personally? Tune in to discover why other people’s choices aren’t personal, the role of our primitive brain in making things personal, and how to truly stop being bothered by what other people say and

Ep #168: Tornadoes and Post-Traumatic Growth

Have you ever felt put off by the idea of experiencing growth after the death of your spouse? Maybe someone mentioned post-traumatic growth and it felt kind of icky and made you recoil, or maybe you’ve never even heard the term before. This week, I’m offering you a different way

Ep #167: Tapping for Widows: An Interview with Melanie Fay

What is tapping? How does it work? Why is it even worth trying? I have tapping expert and facilitator Melanie Fay on the show today to break it all down. Melanie is the person I trust most when it comes to tapping, so I’ve brought her on to address everything

Ep #165: The Gift of Goal Constraint

If you set lots of goals, but find you’re only making small advances towards each one, or you feel yourself burning out quickly when you go all-in, this episode is for you. Discover why goal restraint is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, and how to start