The Why Not Me Podcast

Denita Bremer

In this podcast we talk about overcoming inner obstacles to endure this life well. The host is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with a history of trauma and pain. She uses her own life experience, spiritual gifts and life coaching tools to teach and inspire.

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Gratitude & Trauma

Gratitude can help with trauma. First, it shifts us from scarcity to abundance almost instantly. And secondly, practicing gratitude ahead of time can help you more easily create what you want in your life. Learning to feel grateful for your trauma can shift your identity quickly.     Get the

Trauma is Physical

When we truly understand that trauma is PHYSICAL, and not just some airy-fairy idea that isn’t tangible, we can do something about it. Specifically, we can support ourselves physically. In this episode, I talk about several ways to consider supporting yourself physically. Don’t get overwhelmed by the list; choose one

Why Loneliness is Such a Problem

Although we are recovering from a pandemic when loneliness was at an all-time high, loneliness has always been a big problem. It is one of the essential factors to trauma. In this episode, I explain why and give you a few tools to combat it. Full Show Notes Get the

It’s Okay to Be Here Now

When we are talking about depression or other uncomfortable emotions, it’s understandable to want to change it, fix it, to be somewhere else. But the first step is always to make peace with where you actually are. Because you can’t get to where you want to be, if you don’t

Grounding Meditation

What do you do when it’s time to release a podcast episode… and you have no voice? You release your first meditation!! I recorded this meditation a few weeks ago for some clients. Meditation can be a great tool to use in trauma healing, as long as it doesn’t take

What Do I Mean by Trauma Healing?

There’s a fresh new look and a new name for the podcast! So what do I mean by “trauma healing?”  I discuss what trauma means and how it’s related to depression, anxiety, chronic stress, toxic shame and many other prevalent “conditions” in our culture. I tell you my hopes for

What Is Needed? AND THE GIVEAWAY!!!

I didn’t simply want to announce the winner of the Why Not Me 100th episode podcast.  So I’m giving yet another book recommendation and talking about this concept of asking “What is needed?” that has come up for me in 2 different areas. I hope it helps you as well.

The Fallow Period

We live in a depression and anxiety inducing world. So what is the antidote?  Rest. True, restorative rest. We must create spaces and places for this rest. And the Gospel of Jesus Christ is actually a great space for this if you know what to look for. In this episode,

Clearing the Old

If you are feeling stuck in any way, this episode might help you understand a crucial step that you missed along the way.  Full Show Notes Enter the Podcast Giveaway here

Be Do Have

If you want more ease and less overwhelm in your life, join me today and shift your paradigm to a higher level of consciousness. Make one simple, but powerful change. Full Show Notes Enter the Podcast Giveaway Here.