The Why Not Me Podcast

Denita Bremer

In this podcast we talk about overcoming inner obstacles to endure this life well. The host is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with a history of trauma and pain. She uses her own life experience, spiritual gifts and life coaching tools to teach and inspire.

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Spiritual Lessons from The Lion King

Today I’m coming at you with a recent sacrament meeting talk I prepared. In this episode I answer the question, What prevents us from allowing Jesus Christ to be the author of our story, from Sister Camille Johnson’s October 2021 General Conference talk.  Just as a teaser, we are all

INTERVIEW: Inherent Identity with Tyson Bradley

Have you ever wondered how to become who you want to become? Have you wanted habits and change to feel easier? Today I’m interviewing Tyson Bradley about his book Inherent Identity. We discuss how to make these changes in a very grounded, aligned way. Tyson has a process that will

General Conference Without the Overwhelm

Looking forward to General Conference, but not looking forward to the spiritual overwhelm that so often accompanies this blessed weekend?  I have a few strategies for you as you prepare for Conference in this episode. Full Show Notes Enter the Podcast Giveaway

One Tip to Deepen Your Scripture Study

If you want to understand the scriptures better and apply them to your life, I have one simple (but not always easy) tip for you this week. I also have several examples from my own life to help you conceptualize what I mean. Enter the Podcast Giveaway Full Show Notes

For Coaches– Last Call!!

I’m popping in for just a couple minutes today because my very intimate group closes on Monday. If you consider yourself a coach, you won’t want to miss it. In this quick episode, I walk you through a really simple exercise to help you understand the impact of your presence.

10 Tips for Faith Struggles

If you or someone you love is struggling in your faith, this episode outlines 10 thoughts or actions to consider. Please leave a rating and a review on Apple podcasts. If you do that and then fill out this google form, you can win a pair of Apple airpods. If

Agency Trumps satan

We are always more powerful than satan. So why don’t we speak like we are?  In this episode, I give you my thoughts on how we got here talking as if satan is “trapping” and “getting” our children. And I give two suggestions on what to do about it. Full

Scriptures are for Individual Use Only

What if we all only applied the scriptures to ourselves and never to other people? Wouldn’t the world be a much kinder place?  Listen in to my thoughts about this topic and to hopefully become a little more like Christ as we put down using the scriptures as a weapon.

There Is Always Hope

No matter what you are going through, and I know some of you are going through very heavy stuff, there is always hope.  In this episode, I explain how and why I believe this, and one way to look at trials that will make it easier to have hope. We