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Jane Atkinson

The Wealthy Speaker podcast, hosted by speaker coach Jane Atkinson, can help you catapult your speaking business. We provide guest experts on many areas of the public speaking industry. Whether you need help in social media, speaker marketing, demo videos, or building your business and strategy, our show can help. Jane, along with her professional speaking industry experts can help move your business forward exponentially. If you’ve ever wondered how to get started in speaking, wanted to get paid more or build your speaking business more quickly and need skills in a particular area, be sure to subscribe.

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Finding Your Own Way in Speaking with Julie Henry

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s how to be resilient. But how do we navigate change when the worst imaginable thing happens in our world? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I am happy to welcome my client Julie Henry to share her experience

Creating Superfans with Brittany Hodak

In the speaking world, we’re trying to reach the largest audience possible. That can often lead to repeat business and more gigs through word of mouth. In the process, we’re looking to create fans of our work. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome my

Mining for Business with Jane Atkinson

Generally, business doesn’t come knocking on your door, especially when you’re just getting started. It’s important for us to put a concerted effort into finding new clients and getting booked. I thought this was a great topic to revisit and share some bite-sized ideas in a quickie podcast, so on

Hot Topics in Speaking with Michelle Joyce

How is your speaking business doing? Is your calendar jam-packed, or are you finding gaps that you would love to fill? Are you speaking on a topic that is relevant, or could you use a refresh on your keynote and offerings? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I

Economy, Recession and the Future With Andrew Busch

We have all been hearing the word recession thrown around a lot. So, we’re asking, how bad will the economy get? To hopefully put our minds at ease and answer some of these burning questions, we are very grateful to welcome back Economic Futurist (and the great calmer-downer) Andy Busch

TEDx Talks, Mental Health & Speaking with Frank King

//Trigger Warning: this episode contains discussions about suicide.//   I’m sure most of you know what a TEDx Talk is and the possibility of what it can do for your speaking career. TEDx Talks have catapulted many of the top-paid speakers to where they are today and lend visibility, credibility,

Creating Lead Magnets That Get Results with Lauren Pibworth

Do you have a lead magnet? Is it getting you the results that you want? We all create lead magnets with the hope that they will bring in a ton of new business. But just how effective are they, and how can we improve upon them? On this episode of

Creating Your Perfect Lifestyle Business with Stephanie Staples

We’re always talking about creating the lifestyle of your dreams, and for each of us, that will look much different. What remains the same is that we all have a vision of what we would like our life to be and, hopefully, a plan to get there. On this episode

Move Your Presentation from Good to Epic with Kelly Swanson (Part II)

We’re on a roll with the incredible Kelly Swanson, who joined us last week on The Wealthy Speaker Show for Part I to talk about creating epic presentations. She shared so much fantastic advice that it just wouldn’t fit into one week. And again, there is so much amazing content