The Veterinary Life Coach Podcast with Dr. Julie Cappel

Dr. Julie Cappel

Hi, I am Dr. Julie Cappel, and I coach veterinarians and others that work in the veterinary field. I am The Veterinary Life Coach. As a working small animal veterinarian and certified life coach, I have a unique perspective on all things Veterinary medicine. My podcast will bring insight and tools for busy veterinarians to improve every aspect of their lives. I talk about stress, overwhelm, compassion fatigue, client issues, relationships, time management, leadership, team building, practice management, and family life. If you are looking for help creating a balance between your work and your life – this is the best podcast. Learn more at

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Ep #57: Perfectionism: Keeping Your Enemy Close

Join me this week to slowly, gently heal your perfectionist thinking, to start creating a new relationship with yourself. We’re always going to encounter situations where our inner perfectionists are screaming at us with deafening criticisms, but I’m showing you how to start to bring awareness to your thinking and

COVID-19: Anxiety, Stress & Thought Work for Healing

Join Victoria for a special episode in which she addresses the ways to shift your thinking to reflect the way you want to show up in the world in this moment of worldwide stress and panic. Find easy tools that you can use right away to help you feel less

COVID-19: Regulating Your Stress Response

In this moment of global anxiety and worry about the novel Coronavirus, Victoria Albina, NP, MPH talks about how to support your nervous system to keep stress and sympathetic activation/fight or flight at bay and to keep your immune system working optimally by giving your body the love it needs.

Ep #56: Perfectionism

Join me this week to finally get off the perpetual hamster wheel that perfectionist thinking keeps us on, to distinguish this habit from being goal-oriented and ambitious, and to know if this is something that’s driving you in your day-to-day life. Make sure to tune in next week as I

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the show, Victoria will be giving away FOUR sets of her organic essential oil rollers! Visit to enter!

Ep #55: Intergenerational Codependency

Listen in this week to discover how you can start to undo and unravel the cycle of intergenerational codependency, to start the process of loving yourself unconditionally, and to know there is no moral failing or shame in having these experiences. I’m sharing the tools and tips that I used

Ep #54: 6 Surprising Codependent Habits

I’ve talked about codependent behaviors in terms of autonomy and interdependency here, but today I’m taking a slightly different approach. This tendency is really sneaky and can be so subtle that it’s hard to see in yourself, so I’m here to get nerdy, as always, to define terms and help

Ep #53: The Secret Sauce to Healthy Relationships

Today, I’m sharing the secret key to having the best relationships for you, why giving big love to and embracing your ‘shadow side’ is so crucial to your healing, and how working through difficult relationships is the way out of unhealthy relationship cycles. Get full show notes and more information

Ep #52: Unconditional Love

Why would you want to feel love towards someone who has wronged or failed you? This week, I want to show you the power of choosing unconditional love to thrive and to empower yourself, because the science proves that ruminating on upsetting thoughts negatively affects not only your mental wellness,

Ep #51: Self-Compassion, Dead-End Thinking and the Emotional U-Turn

Join me this week to discover how you can show up as your own best friend, best ally, and best accomplice by building more self-compassion into your life. This process is key to your deep and lasting healing, to understand the habitual thoughts that are driven by your nervous system,