The Veterinary Life Coach Podcast with Dr. Julie Cappel

Dr. Julie Cappel

Hi, I am Dr. Julie Cappel, and I coach veterinarians and others that work in the veterinary field. I am The Veterinary Life Coach. As a working small animal veterinarian and certified life coach, I have a unique perspective on all things Veterinary medicine. My podcast will bring insight and tools for busy veterinarians to improve every aspect of their lives. I talk about stress, overwhelm, compassion fatigue, client issues, relationships, time management, leadership, team building, practice management, and family life. If you are looking for help creating a balance between your work and your life – this is the best podcast. Learn more at

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Episode #195 – Challenges Make Veterinary Life Better

Why do veterinarians do what we do?  We know that Veterinary Medicine is a challenging profession.  We deal with difficult situations every day – situations that challenge us mentally, emotionally, and physically.  We need to care for ourselves first, and one way to do that is to decide that challenges

Ep. 162 – The dating to engaged process

Are you over your ex and ready to start the dating process but don’t have a real step by step guide to follow? Join me today as I share the entire dating to engaged process that not only worked for me but many of my clients. In today’s episode: Learn

Episode #194 – Ten Ways to Get Out of a Funk

Do you ever feel like you are not taking action in your life because you are in a funk?  It may be short lived and only last for a few hours, or it could affect you for days or weeks.  The feeling is one of apathy that can affect you

Ep. 161 – The breakup pep talk you didn’t know you needed

A much needed breakup pep talk to uplift you through the rest of your week. Recently inspired by Living Untethered by Michael A Singer – Sending so much love, Dorothy

Episode #193 – An Interview with Maggie Perotin – On Leadership and Time Management

Maggie Perotin is an International Business and Leadership Coach. She holds an executive MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute.  Maggie lives in the Toranto Canada area with her blended family including four children.   Maggie is excited by self-development, travel, nature, and good food. You can reach Maggie at

Ep. 160 – I let my ex treat me poorly

The way someone else treats you isn’t your responsibility. Oftentimes we get confused about the “ownership” piece of “letting people treat you poorly”. Today I demystify this idea of letting someone treat you poorly and what to do with the shame you experience around your past relationship. In today’s episode:

Episode #192 – Create Your Own Happiness

Do you ever get bogged down in negative thoughts when something happens in your day that you did not expect?  Happiness, it turns out, is not a function of what happens to us, but is actually how we choose to think about the things that happen to us.  Happiness is

Ep. 159 – How to pick the right person next time

After a traumatic heartbreak, many of us want to make sure that we pick the right person next time, that we don’t get hurt like we did and that we don’t avoid the red flags like we did that time. In today’s episode I’m going to help you pick the

Episode #191 – An Interview with Murielle Fellous

Murielle Fellous  is the founder and CEO of Co-parenting with the Universe. She was born and raised in France and lived twenty five years in the United States where she raised three children as a single mother.  When her children became teenagers acting in self-destructive ways she spiralled into depression.