The Veterinary Life Coach Podcast with Dr. Julie Cappel

Dr. Julie Cappel

Hi, I am Dr. Julie Cappel, and I coach veterinarians and others that work in the veterinary field. I am The Veterinary Life Coach. As a working small animal veterinarian and certified life coach, I have a unique perspective on all things Veterinary medicine. My podcast will bring insight and tools for busy veterinarians to improve every aspect of their lives. I talk about stress, overwhelm, compassion fatigue, client issues, relationships, time management, leadership, team building, practice management, and family life. If you are looking for help creating a balance between your work and your life – this is the best podcast. Learn more at

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Episode #218 – Boundaries with Dr. Susan Sayles

Dr. Susan Sayles is the owner and CEO of Brooklyn Road Veterinary Clinic.  She is also past president of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association and a wonderful leader and veterinarian.  Sue leads with strength and kindness and has grown her one doctor practice into a thriving practice, in a new

Wounded in Relationship, Healed in Relationship

Our final episode in the 5 part series on our core needs, I discuss the need of love and sexuality, what happens when this need is and isn’t met, how it can affect our self-esteem, what this unmet need could look like in real life, and if Heavenly Parents can

Have You Ever Thought About Becoming a Coach?

I get to rave about something I’ve loved in this Bonus Episode. I’ve become an affiliate for the Creation Coach Certification with Brooke Snow. I became certified last year and loved the program. If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or are Christian,

Episode #217 – Working To Get More Organized

Most of us struggle with organizing because we have so many thoughts in our heads and so many ideas of what we need to do.  There are people that depend on us to get things done at work and at home.  This can be overwhelming and when we feel overwhelmed,

I’ve Got to Break Free!

The 4th out of 5 in a series about core needs, in this episode we cover the need of autonomy. Autonomy is the need to be independent and assert ourselves in the world. When this need is not met we can form shame around needing to be independent, which can

Episode #216 – Understanding Habits – with Dr. Aaron Massecar

Dr. Aaron Massecar is the Executive Director of the Veterinary Innovation Council. He has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Guelph and is a wonderful speaker and author of one book and co-author of another, seven journal articles, and eight book reviews.  He has presented at seventeen international

How a Bootstraps Mentality is Creating Trauma

In this episode we are discussing the third core need: trust. Trust is built upon the first two core needs of connection and attunement. Trust is integral to all relationships. When the trust need is not met, we can develop shame over feeling dependent, vulnerable or weak. Tune in to

Episode #215 – An Interview with Dr. Samantha Morici

Dr. Samantha Morici is the Head of Veterinary Services at Koala Health, an online pet pharmacy start-up working to improve the healthcare experience for veterinarians, clients, and pets alike.  Dr. Morici is a fearless industry disrupter and devout veterinary representative, who has held leadership roles within the AVMA, International Veterinary

Why You Might Feel Shame for Simply Existing

There are 5 core needs humans (and all mammals) experience. In this episode I talk about the need for connection. When our need for connection is not met, we can feel shame for 1. simply existing, 2. feeling or 3. connection. Listen in as I explain what that might look

Episode #214 – An Interview with Katie Brooks

Katie Brooks LVT, CVPM is the CEO of CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets and co-founder and CEO of Partner Veterinary – Emergency and Speciality Center. Katie has a mission to heal pets and support people.  Katie has a passion for creating exeptional work environments where employees have the opportunity for